Innovation Stage Presentations

These Innovation Stage presentations offer a unique experience to hear from fellow snack industry leaders about breakthrough ideas, technologies, or techniques that have the potential to impact snack businesses.  Each presentation is 30 minutes, located directly on the trade show floor, and FREE to all trade show attendees!  Don't miss out on the chance to grow and expand your business objectives with fresh ideas and insights. 

Innovation Stage Titles and Schedule (Subject to Change)

Sunday, April 2

12:45 pm   Innate® Potatoes"  "Game Changing" Innovation for the Potato Chip Industry, J.R. Simplot

Fifteen years ago, Simplot’s Plant Sciences team asked the question: how do we bring innovation to the potato industry that delivers significant value for all the key players—growers, processors and consumers? The answer to that question is Innate® Technology. For the first time, seed genetics are creating the potential for “game changing” performance advantages that will improve potato processing efficiency and product quality across each spectrum of the potato industry. Jeff Vick, Simplot’s chips commercialization lead, will highlight the company’s work with the recent market launch of the Hibernate variety, which now reduces late blight fungicides and sprout suppressants, potato-related defects and acrylamide levels, while also providing the potential for “gold standard” quality in the late storage window of May-June. With the combination of quality and processing advantages, late season storage, reduced waste, and a product that’s better for the environment and consumers, Simplot has innovations that will truly change the game.  


1:30 pm     Dairy's Role in Better-For-You, Clean Label & Simple Authentic Snacks, Kerry

 Dairy faces competition from growth of non-dairy products, yet the average American consumes 34 lbs. of cheese annually, a growth of 43% over the past 25 years. Cheese has grown sales in both the healthy and indulgent categories with small servings of cheese snacks growing in savory as well.

 Dairy in its many forms is increasingly seen as an inherently healthy food, delivering important macro nutrients like protein and healthy fat. This creates the opportunity to reconstruct traditional dairy offerings for new markets, indulgent dairy options, and single-serve snacks—a perfect match for consumer snacking needs.

 Please join Carrie Schroeder, Business Development Manager with Kerry, as she discusses dairy’s role in better-for-you, clean label, and simple, authentic snacks. Learn a new perspective on consumer expectations and how Kerry addresses consumer needs through taste and nutrition.


3:00 pm     How Maintenance & Reliability Influence Your Bottom Line, Advanced Technology Services,                      Inc.

Facing rising energy costs, corporate fiscal concerns, and global competitiveness, more and more CPG companies are focusing on reliability and maintenance improvement opportunities in their production facilities. The race is on to do more with less, and many companies are leaving large chunks of value on the table because they do not fully understand the impact of these maintenance and reliability initiatives. Jeremy Wright, Director of Product Management for leading industrial services provider ATS, will show examples of companies that are considered to be approaching the optimum reference state and share some of the lessons learned from their transformation. He will also present case studies that correlate investments of time, money, and energy with their contribution through reliability and how they fall to the bottom line.  


Monday, April 3

11:30 am    Importance of Ingredient Price Risk Management to Your Bottom Line, INTL FCStone

Are you concerned about higher ingredient prices? Accepting that risk is a great first step, but then what? Learn how to manage your ingredient price risk and ultimately your bottom line!

2:00 pm      Ingredient Solutions for the Next Generation of Snacking, Dow AgroSciences

Hear from experts in consumer food marketing about the latest trends in snacking–from generational preferences, to clean labels, and more. And then, learn how a foundational ingredient like oil can help meet customer demands by hearing about a company that has successfully leveraged its oil purchasing decisions to address these trends. 

Tuesday, April 4

9:30 a.m.     Saving Millions of Dollars Through Reusable & More Sustainable Distribution Packaging,                             Technology Container Corp. (TCC)

Come learn how leading companies from around the world flat line their packaging costs, save money and do a better job of protecting their goods while employing a more sustainable technology.